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CREATE INDEX Use the CREATE INDEX statement to create an index for one or more columns in a table, to specify whether or not it allows only unique values, to cluster the physical table in the order of the index, and to designate. パラメーター名 説明 値 A_INDEX_ROWID ADD テーブルの ObjectID 列のインデックス格納定義 CREATE INDEX パラメーターについては、Informix のドキュメントをご参照ください。A_INDEX_STATEID ADD テーブルの sde_state_id 列の. @CREATE INDEX pk_mytable ON mytable Field1, Field2 WITH PRIMARY この文は、テーブル mytable の主キーを作成する Microsoft Access DDL ステートメントです。Access ODBC ドライバでは、SQL CREATE ステートメントの. 利用ALTER INDEX.TO CLUSTER 语句可以将原有索引改为聚集索引,原有索引中的数据记录顺序将作重排。如果直接创建聚集索引,系统也会将数据记录排序。请注意,在ATLTER INDEX.TO CLUSTER 和CREATE.

Starting in Informix Dynamic Server IDS version 11.10, the CREATE INDEX SQL command, in addition to creating the index, gathers data distribution statistics for the leading column of the index. When the CREATE INDEX statement runs successfully in IDS version 11.10 and above, the database server automatically gathers statistics for the newly created index. iv Informix Guide to SQL: Syntax CHECK TABLE 1-79 CLOSE 1-81 CLOSE DATABASE 1-85 COMMIT WORK 1-87 CONNECT 1-89 CREATE AUDIT 1-102 CREATE DATABASE 1-104 CREATE INDEX 1-109. I have a unique key in a table that comprises 3 fields. well, there was a problem with some of that data. I deleted it, and I'm trying to reinsert this data, but it appears that the. I have problem with creating BTS basic text search index in Informix. I have created test table and sbspace to store index information just like it is in documentation. Now my sbspace looks like.

2002/06/17 · drop index cr_index1 after dropping the index, recreate it from isql or dbaccess: create index cr_index on table_name col_name1, col_name2 if it's a unique index, it's: create unique index. Informix provides an argument to the. Create Index on Table Variable » One of the most valuable assets of a temp table temp is the ability to add either a clustered or non clustered index. Additionally, temp tables allow for the auto-generated statistics to be created against them. I'm using the Informix DB. I want to detect what index the table has using command line. I used dbschema -d dbName -t tableName grep index to detect the index. What's my problem is that the.

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