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Define light year. light year synonyms, light year pronunciation, light year translation, English dictionary definition of light year. also light-year n. 1. The distance that light travels in a vacuum in one year, approximately 9.46 trillion. A light year is the distance between two points in space that it would take light to travel when the distance between the two points in time are one year. So, let's see pun! what this would be. Light travels at 186,000 miles every. 2016/09/15 · He noted that light would take about 10 years to get there, but he didn't like the term "light-year." One reason was that at that time, it wasn't clear that light. What is the difference between Alzheimer's and dementia? Why do boys' voices crack during puberty? Why is there an "r" in "Mrs."? Is breakfast the most important meal of the day? Which Star Wars character do you most identify. A light year is a measure of distance, not time. A light year is the distance that light will travel in one year. One light second is 186,000 miles. A light year is a measure of distance, not time. A light year is the distance that light will.

A light year is a standard of measurement used by astronomers to describe huge distances in the Universe. The nearest star is 4.22 light years away. The center of the Milky Way is about 26,000 light years away. But how far is 1. 2012/09/17 · When we look at the stars in the night sky, we are actually looking back in time! Want to know what a light year is, how it’s used, and why we use light years instead of normal distance measurements.

Light-year definition, the distance traversed by light in one mean solar year, about 5.88 trillion mi. 9.46 trillion km: used as a unit in measuring stellar distances. Abbreviation: lt-yr See more. Light-year definition is - a unit of length in astronomy equal to the distance that light travels in one year in a vacuum or about 5.88 trillion miles 9.46 trillion kilometers. How to use light-year in a sentence.

Question: 1 light year is equal to how many years of the Earth? You have fallen into the trap that most of us have once done. It is time to correct yourself. We would measure distances in mm, cm, m and I could say many. Since the. Light Year is the distance that light can travel in one year. Considering that light can travel about 300,000 kilometers km each second, in one year, it can travel 9,500,000,000,000 kilometers. Phew! It would be easier to say that.

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